OS X Mavericks folosește SMB2 pentru partajarea fișierelor


Dacă până acum file sharingul între Mac-uri se făcea prin intermediul vechiului protocol AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), în OS X Mavericks Apple introduce SMB2 ca protocol standard pentru partajarea fișierelor. AFP sau SMB vor fi folosite numai la nevoie, pentru a comunica cu sisteme de operare mai vechi. Iată detaliile:

SMB2 is the new default protocol for sharing files in OS X Mavericks. SMB2 is superfast, increases security, and improves Windows compatibility.

  • Efficient. SMB2 features Resource compounding, allowing multiple requests to be sent in a single request. In addition, SMB2 can use large reads and writes to make better use of faster networks as well as large MTU support for blazing speeds on 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It aggressively caches file and folder properties and uses opportu- nistic locking to enable better caching of data. It’s even more reliable, thanks to the ability to transparently reconnect to servers in the event of a temporary disconnect.
  • Secure. SMB2 supports Extended Authentication Security using Kerberos and NTLMv2.
  • Compatible. SMB2 is automatically used to share files between two Mac computers running OS X Mavericks, or when a Windows client running Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 connects to your Mac. Mavericks maintains support for AFP and SMB network file-sharing protocols, automatically selecting the appropriate protocol as needed.